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Our Terms And Conditions

Your compliance to the below-mentioned terms and conditions is pertinent for the agreement between you and Harrow minicabs. When you place reservation for our 24 hours minicab service in Harrow, it highlights the fact that you agreed to the terms and conditions mentioned below.

1) Definitions:

Harrow minicabs and ‘we’ or ‘us’ refers to our Harrow minicab service. While on the other hand, ‘you’ or ‘your’ refers to the person who is interested in availing our minicabs in Harrow for their transfers.

2) Booking

2.1 The allocation of time must be carefully done so that you were transferred to your desired destination on time. The rule is quite similar for airport transfers will have to allocate the time in accordance with your flight timetable. To prevent unwanted delays and costs, you need to be very careful about your time allocation as Harrow minicabs will not take any responsibility for the delays. Make sure your schedule is aligned with your pick up time.

2.2 You have the complete liberty to select the vehicle in accordance with the luggage pieces and number of passengers. Harrow minicabs is not responsible to accommodate an extra luggage piece or passengers. A child on board is regarded as a passenger no matter which age group he/she belongs to.

2.3 Travel-related accessories are easily provided on demand. If you require a wheelchair, you should mention it during the booking process.

3) Payment and prices

3.1 The service of our Harrow minicabs depends on the information provided by the customer during the process of booking. The booking quotation comprises of the list of facilities demanded by the customer. The service charges of our Harrow minicab firm are exclusive of VAT (Value-added Tax). If in certain situation the charge of VAT is applicable so it will be an addition to the service charges. If you have modified the itinerary, the Harrow Minicab firm has the right to make amendments in the quotation.

3.2 When you land at the airport, Harrow minicabs provide cost-free 30 minutes waiting time and the quote includes parking cost as well. If the waiting period exceeds the limit of 30 minutes, Harrow Minicabs will surcharge you. With the assistance of flight monitoring service, Harrow minicabs is able to closely track your flight schedule and the quote will be amended if there are flight deferrals. Harrow minicabs is not obliged to make variations.

3.4 If you have successfully completed the booking process, an instantaneous booking confirmation will be sent to you through email. We request you to thoroughly read and understand the booking information details and respond back if there are certain mistakes or errors. Harrow minicabs will take no responsibility if you fail to inform us regarding the amendments on time.

3.4 The service charges can be paid through cash payment to the driver, Credit Card or Debit Card or bank transfers.

4) The Service

4.1 You need to restrain the children in accordance with their weight, height and age.

4.2 In our minicabs in Harrow, you are not allowed to drink, eat or smoke.

4.3 The passengers are accommodated in our private hire cars in Harrow as per limit imposed by the licencing or insurance.

5) Cancellations

5.1 You must contact Harrow minicabs if you intend to cancel your booking with us. If the vehicle is dispatched for your journey, the charges for cancellation will apply. The charges will apply to compensate for the distance travelled and time spent of the driver in order to reach the pickup location until he was informed regarding the cancellation of ride.

5.2 In case of online booking system, the cancellation charges will apply even before the vehicle was dispatched to pick you up.

6) Liability

6.1 Our Harrow minicab service makes sure that the passengers are escorted promptly to their desired destination. However, Harrow minicabs will not be held responsible if the delays are from your side. Our local minicab company in Harrow is not liable for any losses agreeing to unwanted delays. Harrow minicab service will not be held responsible or liable to bear any losses from your side.

6.2 If our Minicab in Harrow breaks down due to uncertain circumstances so our Harrow minicab firm will secure an alternative vehicle for your journey. All the arrangements will be done on time through a legal procedure. Our Harrow minicab transportation intends to provide timely and safe transfers.

6.3 Your luggage is your responsibility so you must be very careful about it.

6.4 In cases of death or person injury, your liability cannot be excluded or limited. For any form of corruption, dishonesty or carelessness from your side, you will be held responsible.

6.5 For any damages or expenses occurring due to an act of omission from your side, you are not supposed to compensate for it.

7) Termination:

7.1 Our Harrow minicab firm has the right to terminate or refuse a reservation even on short notice. If the driver is feeling uncomfortable or abused by the passenger, Harrow minicabs will cancel your booking. When the ride is terminated due to the aforementioned reason, you will not be compensated with refunds.

8) Miscellaneous:

8.1 As per the agreement, Harrow minicab service has the right to practise self-contracting of obligations. In this case, you will not have the right to assign, delegate or transfer any of the aforementioned right that you own.

8.2 Our Harrow minicab service has the right to make amendments in their terms and conditions anytime. You must visit the web page regularly if you want to remain updated regarding the terms and conditions of our service. For reservations, the service charges are applied in accordance with the applicable rates at that time of the booking.

8.3 The data is utilised, stored or processed as per the instructions specified in the Data Protection Act of 1988.

8.4 The content elements that explains the agreement will not benefit any third party. As per the agreement, there is no third party that has the right to enforce the aforementioned rights.

8.5 The details mentioned in this document highlight the agreement between Harrow minicabs and you.

9) Disputes

The disagreements will take place between you and Harrow minicabs under the rights of English law. This reinforces your consent to abide by the jurisdiction of the course regarding claim or dispute under this agreement.

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"I have used the Beeline & Century Cars many times for different journeys and i found this company to be friendly, reliable and always on time. It is the best Minicab company I have ever used. I am satisfied with the drivers"

Maria Yusaf

"We've used Beeline & Century Cars for the past couple of years. This company provide the best minicab service by far. They have punctual and friendly drivers, they provide clean and comfortable cars at reasonable rates."

Ben Parkinson

"I used this Minicab Company for years and I love their services. Professional, reliable and a solid service. Awesme Service. Recommended for everyone. "

Kath Johnson

"For me i think its the best Minicab Company I have ever used in my life. It is very easy to book. Awesome Minicab service. Friendly & polite people. Flexible payment methods. Recommended