COVID-19 Precautionary Measures

The outbreak of coronavirus is now the biggest treat to the lives of people. Harrow minicabs being a responsible and renowned 24 hours minicab service in Harrow strictly follows the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Our Harrow minicab firm prioritises your security, health and safety. The situation of coronavirus is worsening day by day and in the light of the current situation, our Harrow minicab transportation has enforced strict safety measures. The staff members of Harrow minicabs ensures that the cars are disinfected, sprayed and washed properly after each ride.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the following health and safety precautionary measures are taken seriously:

  • Payments are received through cards only.
  • Provision of hand sanitizers in all our private hire cars in Harrow.
  • All our Harrow city minicabs are disinfected and washed on daily bases.
  • Non-contact pick up and drop off facility by our local minicab company in Harrow.
  • The health status of our minicab drivers is regularly monitored and the coronavirus tests are also conducted on regular places.
  • Detailed cleaning of our local Minicabs in Harrow with the use of disinfectants to clean the door handles, travel accessories, passenger facilities, seats, steering wheel, head rests, keys, armrests and other services.
  • At the time of journey our drivers properly wear mask and discarded it when it gets deformed.
  • Air-conditioning is quite harmful in these circumstances so the windows of our private hire cars in Harrow remain open to regulate the ventilation.
  • We change the seat covers frequently.
  • Our drivers are advised to encourage passengers to avoid touching surfaces and wear mask
  • Our minicab drivers remind their passengers to store the confirmation of electronic payment in their phones after each ride.
  • Our local minicabs in Harrow are sprayed, disinfected and cleaned to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • We advise our drivers to consume healthy diet and adequate rest.

The team of over 24 hours minicab service in Harrow is working diligently 24/7 to ensure that is Standard Operating Procedures are properly followed.

What our clients say about us

Simon Conrich

"I have used the Beeline & Century Cars many times for different journeys and i found this company to be friendly, reliable and always on time. It is the best Minicab company I have ever used. I am satisfied with the drivers"

Maria Yusaf

"We've used Beeline & Century Cars for the past couple of years. This company provide the best minicab service by far. They have punctual and friendly drivers, they provide clean and comfortable cars at reasonable rates."

Ben Parkinson

"I used this Minicab Company for years and I love their services. Professional, reliable and a solid service. Awesme Service. Recommended for everyone. "

Kath Johnson

"For me i think its the best Minicab Company I have ever used in my life. It is very easy to book. Awesome Minicab service. Friendly & polite people. Flexible payment methods. Recommended