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Our Privacy Policy

This article explains the privacy policy of Beeline And Century Cars. It explains how the information collected from the customer is utilised to process bookings. It intends to highlight the right of customers over the provided information.

Photos, Images and Picture

The website of Beeline And Century Cars comprises of various sections where you will find pictures. The images used on the website have been acquired from various sources. Most of the pictures have been purchased from stock photography websites. While, other pictures are downloaded from search engines and other channels. Being a responsible Harrow minicab firm, the pictures that have been saved from various search engines are pasted with a source link. We provide credits to the contributor of those images. If an image belongs to you and you do not want the site to use it so feel free to contact us. We assure the permanent removal and deletion of the image.

Content that we write

The content of our Beeline And Century Cars website is 100% unique, comprehendible and incomparable. Writing tools are used to keep the content perfectly unique such as paraphrasing, content writing, development of new ideas and innovative concepts.

Google Analytics

One of the most significant role played by Google analytics is its evaluation regarding the usage of the services and the website. It processes the information and data that shows the level of utilisation of the website by the users. Consequently, this information is transferred to Google and is saved in the United States server. This kind of information is later utilised by Google to analyse the overall usage of services and websites. It exists in the form of overall report that throws light on the usage of Internet and the nature of website activity for the given purposes.

As per the law, Google reserves the right to transfer the information to the third party. However, your IP address is protected from associations with other pieces of data and your activities are then processed on the behalf of Google for legal purposes. There is an option at the website through which you can disable the cookies. However, it will affect the functionality of the website for you. That is, most of the information will not be revealed to you and it might leaves you perplexed as a customer. Your presence and usage of our website implies the fact that you have agreed to the system of data processing phone by Google analytics.

Google Adwords

Advertising is the most significant component of any business activity or services. The role of Google AdWords is to utilise the advertising tools for the services. It plays a vital role in presenting our pages information to those who visit Google. It intends to make our content and videos visible to other users as well. It is a paid service that assists in tracking those pages that leads a user to visit our page. For instance, if you visit our website, there will be a code of the page that will act as a pathway for us to understand how you landed on our website and through which links. Google Adwords assign codes in order to analyse how and through which channel you visited our website. For example, it provides the frequently used keywords that various customers’ type in Google to search for relevant transfer services or more specifically minicabs in Harrow. Google Adwords collects search codes in linkages to assist us in knowing the flow of traffic and other procedures. It comprises of various app ads, Display ads, video ads and search ads, Google Adwords frequently uses search ads for the aforementioned purposes.

Mobile App

The information captured by our mobile app includes the passenger's name, telephone number, and email address so that we can contact the passenger and provide a car. The app may also access the contacts on the phone so the passenger can share information about their journey with a buddy.

The app may also ask to access your contacts on your phone so that you can select the phone number of a "buddy" that you can share the details of your journey with.

What our clients say about us

Simon Conrich

"I have used the Beeline & Century Cars many times for different journeys and i found this company to be friendly, reliable and always on time. It is the best Minicab company I have ever used. I am satisfied with the drivers"

Maria Yusaf

"We've used Beeline & Century Cars for the past couple of years. This company provide the best minicab service by far. They have punctual and friendly drivers, they provide clean and comfortable cars at reasonable rates."

Ben Parkinson

"I used this Minicab Company for years and I love their services. Professional, reliable and a solid service. Awesme Service. Recommended for everyone. "

Kath Johnson

"For me i think its the best Minicab Company I have ever used in my life. It is very easy to book. Awesome Minicab service. Friendly & polite people. Flexible payment methods. Recommended