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FAQ About Pricing & Payments

How can I pay for my journey?

When you book minicab in Harrow through call, website or Mobile Application so the service charges can be paid through any of the methods mentioned below:

  • PayPal or Bank Transfers
  • Credit Card or Debit Card
  • Cash payment to the driver

Our 24 hours minicab service in Harrow allows you to alter the payment method for your convenience. If you have selected cash payment but you have changed your mind to pay through card so you are allowed to make the changes. In any case inform us or contact us through call, live chat or email. The staff members of our minicab company in Harrow is at your service 24/7.

Are our prices metered like a (taxi) black cab?

Harrow minicab firm charges fixed and economical fares from its customers. No additional charges will be incurred on any customer as our prices are quoted at the time of reservation. If you pre-book the service through phone or online booking system, the fare remains the same. In case of your demand for additional services, the surcharges will apply. Moreover, if you intend to alter your drop off location, you will be surcharged by our local minicab company in Harrow. Also, if you want another vehicle for your journey or you included stop to your journey, the additional charges will automatically apply.

Can I get a receipt for my journey?

Towards the end of the journey, you can always request the driver to provide the receipt. Moreover, you can call us or email us to request for the receipt. The staff members of our Harrow minicab firm will instantaneously respond and email you the receipt.

Do I need to pay in advance?

You can avail the Harrow minicab service without paying in advance as it is not mandatory. You can pay the service charges through card or PayPal. Moreover, our local minicab company in Harrow offers the facility of contactless, pin or chip payment. Alternatively, you can pay the service charges through call, card payment or PayPal. As per the policy of Harrow minicab firm, if you intend to avail the Harrow minicab service for a long-distance journey you will have to make payment in advance. To prevent mishaps or any other inconveniences, you can at least pay 50% of the service charges in advance. After placing reservation for a long distance journey, our staff member will contact you for prepayment. In such cases, our 24 hours minicab service in Harrow reserves the right to request for prepayment.

What if my flight is delayed or arrives early? Will I be charged extra?

Our Harrow minicab service has installed flight monitoring service to track your flight schedule. The flight monitoring crew will closely monitor your flight timetable before sending the Harrow airport transfer minicabs. At the time of booking, you will be asked to provide flight number for an accurate monitoring. The vehicle and the driver will be dispatched at the accurate time. If you have asked your driver to pick you after 30 minutes of your landing and during that your flight delays, no surcharges will be incurred.

Can I pay over the phone?

Harrow minicab firm offers a variety of payment methods such as credit card, debit card, PayPal, Bank transfers or cash payment to the driver. However, Harrow minicabs will not accept payments through phone.

I have paid for my ride in advance, what happens if the driver does not turn up?

Harrow minicabs takes complete responsibility of your journey when you choose our 24 hours minicab service in Harrow. In case of uncertain circumstances, Harrow minicabs provide alternatives without any surcharges. You will be facilitated for your journey no matter what.

What sort of payments do you take?

After availing our Harrow minicab service, you can pay the service through PayPal, Credit card, Debit card, cash payment or bank transfers. If you prefer booking through online portal, you can set up an account with us and avail the service anytime.

Do you give out the receipts?

Being a deductible expense, passengers are always interested in obtaining a receipt. Our Harrow minicab service easily provides receipts to its customers. At the end of your journey, you can request a driver to provide the receipt.